Type of Properties Desired:
Shopping Centers – Any size
Free standing Retail Buildings – Any size
Industrial Buildings – Any size

We are not interested in multifamily, office, or hotels at this time.

The existing portfolio contains 38 properties including over 2,450,000 square feet in the commercial/industrial portfolio which contains free standing buildings, 32 retail properties from 6,000 to 145,000 square feet, undeveloped acreage, and two office/warehouse properties.  In addition, Bianco owns 144 apartment units in two apartment complexes.

Location of Desired Investments
Bianco Properties actively seeks quality retail and industrial properties in major metropolitan areas with good air connections to St. Louis.

Size of Desired Investments
Acquisition Price Range: $2,000,000 to $100,000,000 and would like to purchase up to $100,000,000 of real estate in the next 12 months.

Quality and Term of the Investment
We are long term investors and currently have individual properties in our portfolio that we have owned for as long as forty-five years.  We take a very long term viewpoint to our investments relying less on what we see today and more on what we anticipate in the future. This approach is a keystone of our investment philosophy and enters into most purchase decisions.  Our investment choices are primarily based on:
      Location and its determinants including visibility, access, layout, traffic, and our view of the future; the
      Quality of the improvements which includes functionality, design, construction, and ease of maintenance; and the
      Internal Rate of Return (IRR) generated over a considerable period of time.

Special Situations
Turnarounds, rehabs, & REOs are actively sought.
We have completely remodeled shopping centers including the addition of new store fronts, the construction of additional buildings, the creation of outlots, and the renegotiation of a major portion of the existing leases.

Form of Ownership
We purchase only for our own account.

Age of Desired Properties
Minimum: Leaseup completed
Maximum: None
Age is not a significant part of our acquisition criteria. Historically the company has acquired properties ranging from 1 to 70+ years of age.

Cap Rates and Yields
Our purchase decisions are made as the result of in-depth study and after review of a comprehensive computerized IRR analysis. We make our own decisions based on the facts as we assemble them, and as we interpret our plans for the operation of the property.

We find it of little value to discuss minimum required cap rates or yields because it encourages others to try to do our analysis for us. This doesn’t work since only we, from our experience, can evaluate what we find interesting in a potential transaction. Obviously, if we are going to successfully acquire additional parcels of real estate, we must be competitive in the marketplace.

We have successfully invested over the past fifty years, and intend to be successful real estate investors for the next fifty. We are competitive in the prices we pay for quality investment properties.

The Role of the Broker
We act solely as principals in our purchases. We understand that signed listings are often difficult to obtain, and will protect the commissions of the brokers with whom we work, but we ask that, without prior agreement, they only bring us properties in which they are dealing directly with the property owner, and not through another broker.


Josh Bacott
Senior Vice President
Ph: 314.744.2411