Bianco Business Jumpstart is a pilot program created to assist local small business owners with starting or expanding their businesses in our St. Louis retail centers – Florissant Meadows, Florissant Plaza, and Olivette Shopping Center. The program provides qualified small business owners with the necessary support resources to open and operate a successful business.

Qualified applicants may be eligible for a variety of incentives being offered for newly executed leases. These incentives include, but are not limited to, the following:
            •  Rental Rate Incentives
            •  Free Rent Incentives
            •  Tenant Improvement Allowance

What businesses qualify for Bianco Business Jumpstart?
            •  Start-up businesses
            •  Online business looking for their first location
            •  Businesses looking to expand with an additional location

∗ The program is NOT open to national or regional tenants.

What do I have to do to be considered?
Contact a Bianco team member and submit an application with the following information:

            •  Resume
            •  Business name and description
            •  Business plan
            •  Personal Financial Statement and Credit Application
A Bianco team member will review the application and contact the qualifying business owner with the incentives that fit the tenant’s needs.